Coaching, Training and Capacity Building

FATE has carried out short and long-term coaching and capacity building projects, supporting our clients to improve gender integration, build M&E and research skills, and improve capacity for advocacy on women’s rights and gender equality. Our team has provided capacity building services in Gender Mainstreaming, M&E, Strategic Planning, Research and Reporting.

FATE has expertise in designing and facilitating participatory workshops and trainings, organising conferences and meetings and reporting on workshop and meeting outcomes. We provide targeted training and coaching, focused on ensuring a pragmatic and tailored approach to meet our clients’ needs.
Policy Analysis and Programme Development

FATE has experience in analysing national and international policies and programmes and providing guidance for improving their development and implementation, particularly with a focus on gender integration. FATE Consultants have supported the development of project proposals, using participatory methodologies, which have been accepted for funding by DFID, Norad and the European Commission.