Our Services

FATE’s team has conducted gender assessments and supported gender integration for national and international organisations. FATE consultants have experience promoting women’s rights and gender equality with private organisations, NGOs and government institutions. Our work has included conducting comprehensive gender assessments of programs and organisations, developing action plans and using practical methods to engage management and staff in change processes. Our areas of expertise include Gender Analysis, Gender Mainstreaming, Gender Equality Promotion including using the MenEngage approach, Gender Responsive Budgeting, and Gender-Responsive Monitoring & Evaluation Frameworks.

FATE Consulting Ltd has conducted research on gender equality and women’s empowerment as well as related to sustainable development and poverty reduction, using quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods approaches. FATE’s team is well versed in using qualitative methods, including Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), Key Informant Interviews (KIIs), ethnographic approaches, observation and other methods, and has experience designing analysis frameworks and data bases for analysing information from qualitative studies, using softwares such as FileMaker Pro and MAXQDA.

FATE Consulting Ltd is also experienced in designing and conducting quantitative research, including development of tools, sample determination, data collection and analysis. With an experienced statistician on our team, and the use of android tablets for data collection, we assure accurate, paperless and comprehensive gender sensitive quantitative research.

For organizations that are only looking for data collectors, FATE Consulting Ltd has a roaster of experienced and well trained facilitators for qualitative interactions with both vulnerable groups and high level personalities as well as enumerators for administering quantitative survey questionnaires.

FATE’s team is experienced in developing results-based strategic plans and comprehensive logical and M&E frameworks, using participatory approaches. Strategic Plan development has been provided as part of organisational capacity building support, or has been carried out as part of program assessments (ie. for the Ministry of Youth and ICT) and project proposal development (ie. For CARE Rwanda).

FATE has conducted baseline, mid-term and end-line evaluations of development programmes for local and international NGOs, including Plan International Rwanda, Oxfam Rwanda and CARE Rwanda. Our team ensures that the most appropriate evaluation approaches are used, in line with international standards.

FATE has carried out short and long-term coaching and capacity building projects, supporting our clients to improve gender integration, build M&E and research skills, and improve capacity for advocacy on women’s rights and gender equality. Our team has provided capacity building services in Gender Mainstreaming, M&E, Strategic Planning, Research and Reporting.

FATE has expertise in designing and facilitating participatory workshops and trainings, organising conferences and meetings and reporting on workshop and meeting outcomes. We provide targeted training and coaching, focused on ensuring a pragmatic and tailored approach to meet our clients’ needs.
Policy Analysis and Programme Development

FATE has experience in analysing national and international policies and programmes and providing guidance for improving their development and implementation, particularly with a focus on gender integration. FATE Consultants have supported the development of project proposals, using participatory methodologies, which have been accepted for funding by DFID, Norad and the European Commission.

FATE’s team has consultants with expertise in translation research tools, support documents, transcripts and report findings in English, French and Kinyarwanda. FATE also provides some transcription and note-taking services for research or meetings.